Fatima Olive

GLOBAL I-NNOVATOR, Editorial Artist

Fatima Olive

Global beauty expert Fatima Olive is a hair and makeup artist who works with major brands, retailers, and publications. Her artistry has graced the faces of celebrities, athletes, and models and has appeared on runways and in magazines around the world.  

She discovered the transformational power of makeup and hair styling backstage in theater while growing up in Miami and parlayed her talent into a variety of beauty industry roles including product development at Aveda and national beauty expert and content creator for Macy’s and Target. 

As the heart of it, Fatima is a collaborator. She is at her best when working with a team to create images for both print and motion that tell a story. When it all comes together, that’s where the magic happens.

Instagram: @fatimaolivebeauty

Website: fatimaolive.com