I-N Holiday Gifts


Our good for you and good for the planet gifts help celebrate, calm and rejuvenate!

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Some things are better together.

Hair Care

Force of Nature

Renew, moisturize and mend dry or damaged hair from root to end

Fortifi-hair™ Shampoo (8.5oz), Conditioner (8oz), Leave In Treatment (5oz)

Pure Refresh-mint

Turn on the tingles with this minty sensation that raises the vibration

Inspiramint™ Shampoo (8.5oz), Conditioner (8oz)

Luscious Growth

Reveal a healthy hair cycle that shows with the proof in the poof

Pure Plenty™ Shampoo (8.5oz), Conditioner (8oz), Nourishing Scalp Treatment (5oz)

Go Big

Flexible, touchable hold for big style that is soft or bold

Amplifi-hair™ Blow Out Cream (4oz), Amplifi-hair™ Style & Restyler Spray (5oz)

Sexy Curls All Day

Spiral, untamed, coil, and wave for perfect curls that are the rave

Bell-curve™ Curl Cream (4oz), Bell-curve™ Curl Reviving Spray (5oz)
Skin Care

Luminous Glow

Exfoliates, moisturizes and cools for a glow that absolutely rules

Re:generative™ Rich Cream, Re:generative™ Eye Gel, Vitalisea™ Pore Polish

True Renewal

Retinol, vitamin c and AHA feed skin needs in every way

The Fixer ™ AHA Resurfacing Gel, Re:generative™ Super Power C Serum, Vitalisea™ Time Traveler™ Serum

Green Gold

Luxurious, addictive and skin changing. A customer favorite for years….a true cult following

Liquid Green™ Body Oil, Liquid Green™ Face Oil

Travel Sets

Turn on your senses, for your body and the planet