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Our good for you and good for the planet gifts help celebrate, calm and rejuvenate!

Face close up with glowing skin, freckles, strong brows and shimmering brown bone
Skin Care

Supernatural Renewal @ 25% Savings

Moisturize, fades lines and brighten eyes

Re:generative™ Rich Cream, Re:generative™ Super Power C Serum, Re:generative™ Eye Gel
$278.00 $208.50
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Retinol, vitamin c and AHA feed skin needs in every way

Regenerative Super Power C Serum, AHA Resurfacing Glycolic Gel & Time Traveler Retinol Serum
The Fixer ™ AHA Resurfacing Gel, Re:generative™ Super Power C Serum, Vitalisea™ Time Traveler™ Serum
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Green Gold

Luxurious, addictive and skin changing. A customer favorite for years….a true cult following

Liquid Green Face & Body Oil
Liquid Green™ Body Oil, Liquid Green™ Face Oil
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Go Big

Flexible, touchable hold for big style that is soft or bold

Amplifi-hair Blow Out Cream & Style Restyle Spray
Amplifi-hair™ Blow Out Cream (4oz), Amplifi-hair™ Style & Restyler Spray (5oz)
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Sexy Curls All Day

Spiral, untamed, coil, and wave for perfect curls that are the rave

Bell-curve™ Curl Cream (4oz), Bell-curve™ Curl Reviving Spray (5oz)
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Model getting hair braided with volcano in background and being sprayed with Intelligent Flex Form Spray
Brunette with medium length hair softly blowing on face
Hair Care

Force of Nature

Renew, moisturize and mend dry or damaged hair from root to end

Fortify-hair Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-in Treatment
Fortifi-hair™ Shampoo (8.5oz), Conditioner (8oz), Leave In Treatment (5oz)
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Pure Refresh-mint

Turn on the tingles with this minty sensation that raises the vibration

Inspiramint™ Shampoo (8.5oz), Conditioner (8oz), Soothe-Sayer™ Bi-Phase Scalp Treatment (3.4oz)
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Luscious Growth

Reveal a healthy hair cycle that shows with the proof in the poof

Pure Plenty Shampoo, Condition and Serum
Pure Plenty™ Shampoo (8.5oz), Conditioner (8oz), Nourishing Scalp Treatment (5oz)
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Travel Sets

Turn on your senses, for your body and the planet

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