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Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients

Reference Guide

I-N Reference Guide

Product Clinical Cards

Fortifi-hair™ System
InspiraMint™ System
Liquid Green™ Oil
OneBody® Lip Delivery Nutrition™
OneBody® Sanitizer
Pure Plenty™ System
Regenerative™ Eye Gel
Regenerative™ Rich Cream
Regenerative™ Super Power C Serum
Soothe Sayer Bi-Phase Scalp Treatment
Vitalisea Pore Polish
Vitalisea Time Traveler

Price Lists

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5 x 7 Price Menu Easel
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Branding Materials

Logos and Fonts
Stylized Products Images
Seamless White Background Product Images
Beauty, LifeStyle, and Ingredient Images
Thank You Notes from Kiran and Nicole
Window Clings


Intelligent™ I-N
Sustainability & Packaging
Intelligent™ Skincare
Intelligent™ Haircare
Intelligent™ - Co-Founders
A Letter to the Planet-written by Horst in his last days
Horst Memorium-Naha
Pure Plenty Hair & Scalp Treatment Regimen
Pure Plenty Hair & Scalp Treatment Regimen Interview