Jasmine Concentrate


Jasmine is animal attraction and childhood summer. Precious for the thousands of little white flowers needed to capture but a drop of jasmine essence. Jasmine flowers are most fragrant and picked by hand often under the light of the moon. Often copied, never replicated. Best only from nature. Jasmine is one of the most coveted scents in perfumery.

Works Beautifully For
All Skin Types
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Works Beautifully For

Key Ingredients
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Key Ingredients

How to Use
Apply to pulse points using a press and roll technique.
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How to Use

Active Aromatics.

Aromas are like music. A single note hits the hypothalamus and BAM...memories and the feel good endorphins married to them flood back. Again.. and again. Inhale, fell the difference...your cells will sing.

The Ultimate Luxury

Deep and sweet, airy and sultry, this precious essence requires thousands of flowers per drop. Often copied, never replicated.

In every drop of true jasmine, the spirit of mystery survives.

Did you Know?
Its exotic, sensuous, intense and warm scent is known by some as the “King” of essential oils. Jasmine has long been used in love spells, divination and wedding celebrations.

How it Works

Pure, unadulterated and wild, jasmine is an intoxicating aroma and known to be a potent aphrodisiac.
Contains essential oils that are highly concentrated plant extracts containing volatile aroma compounds obtained from distilling, extracting or expressing aromatic plants.
Essential oils are extracted from the seeds, flowers, bark, leaves, resins or fruit skins.
Essential oils are considered the life force of plants.

Certifications & Recycling

Packaging for the earth first, instagram second: Our bottle is 100% glass. Carton is 100% post consumer recycled PCR paper from your "green" bin.

Jasmine Concentrate is:

Glass Matters
Recycling one glass bottle saves enough energy to light a 100-watt lightbulb for four hours.


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