Why is PurePlenty a 3-product regimen? 

September 17, 2020

Each product in the PurePlenty® 3-product regimen is designed to target a specific piece of the healthy hair cycle to:
STEP 1: Start at the source. A dry, tight scalp with oil build-up may inhibit an optimum healthy hair cycle. Our PurePlenty Exfoliating Shampoo Jump-starts the scalp—the source of healthy, dynamic hair. Sweeps away buildup with gentle, non-chemical sulfate free surfactants and Active Essential Oils to open follicles for optimum growth cycle and movement. Smart, direct-to-scalp applicator perfectly places product where it is needed!
STEP 2: Fortify scalp & strands. Thin or thinning hair can be dry, brittle, fine and limp and is more prone to breakage. Our super rich PurePlenty Density Building Conditioner formula is perfect to apply to hair—not roots—helping to create density and volume without weight, for a thicker, shinier appearance. Specially formulated body building plant oils, humectants and bioactives help restore from within.
STEP 3: Nourish & flourish. Poor scalp health and circulation can slow and negatively impact a healthy hair cycle. Our PurePlenty Nourishing
Scalp & Strand Serum helps make fuller, thicker hair happen by going to the source inhibiting DHT and infusing nutrients for thriving
follicles and an optimum environment for healthy hair.