How is PurePlenty different from Invati, Bossley and other hair restoration lines? 

September 17, 2020

PurePlenty is a fine or thinning hair SOLUTION designed to promote your healthiest hair life cycle possible. It is formulated with non-toxic, non-chemical plant stem cells, plant bioactives and certified organic ingredients.
A sulfate and silicone free system--PurePlenty is infused with plant active ingredients that function similarly to ingredients used in top selling thinning hair solutions like Rogaine’s 5-step system (used by Bossley) that inhibit DHT, invigorate the hair follicle, nourish and volumize the hair.
Invati is a plant based natural thinning hair solution based upon their own science of Densiplex, a blend of ayurvedic herbs of turmeric and ginseng.
Bosley offers transplants primarily and uses the Rogaine product line to support their services.
Rogaine uses Minoxidil, a synthetic chemical, in 1 of their 5-step thinning hair regimen.