How does PurePlenty work? 

September 17, 2020

PurePlenty builds density & reinstates hair’s life force by going to the source and using innovative plant science in 3 ways:
1. Inhibits DHT—the testosterone-derivative known to shrink scalp follicles and slow hair growth. Using: Certified organic Saw Palmetto and lab cultivated Ajuga Meristematic Plant Stem Cells to deliver up to 1000x more antioxidant power than typical antioxidants.
2. Fortifies scalp & strands—Delivers power nutrients to help restore scalp, promoting healthy, bouncy hair. Using:
Pea Sprout Bioactive increased hair density in 85% of people
Certified organic Nettle clears the scalp & helps improve hair shine
Certified organic Intellimune® Super Seed Antioxidant Complex provides potent antioxidants
3. Replenishes moisture & strengthens—Thin hair may lack moisture and break easily—and conventional hair care is known to strip away necessary