Can I use the Smart Armor Perfume Serum & Spray on a baby or toddler? 

September 17, 2020

These products went through and passed required safety clinical and lab testing for irritation. However, we did not conduct specific testing on children or babies. Everyone’s biology is different and regardless of age we recommend applying to a small area of the skin and if there are no signs of sensitivity it is up to the individual to proceed to use or not. In addition, our bug repellent is free from toxic harsh chemicals like DEET.
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends not using any insect repellent on a baby who’s not yet 2 months old (skin permeability becomes similar to adults by the 2nd month). If you choose to do so, apply to a small area and evaluate for any skin sensitivities. In addition, we recommend the following:
Apply sparingly to exposed skin only or clothes-not under clothing.
Dress in light colored clothing.
Avoid bright, dark or flowery prints.
Cover as much as possible to reduce exposure.