What is Triclosan? (And why we’re thrilled it’s banned.)

What is Triclosan? (And why we’re thrilled it’s banned.)

Our home state made history when Minnesota was the first to ban anti-bacterial ingredient triclosan, effective January 1, 2017.


This chemical is prevalent in anti-bacterial hand sanitizers, liquid soaps, cleaning products and more. Yet no evidence shows its any better at eliminating germs than washing with soap and water. This isn’t news to us, (LINK) but we’re relieved to see real action and mainstream awareness shed light on this dangerous ingredient.

What the evidence indicates:

  • Exposure overtime to antibacterial ingredients including triclosan “could pose health risks, such as bacterial resistance or hormonal effects.” -The FDA.
  • “Studies on the health effects of triclosan indicate that it is endocrine (hormonally) active and has the potential to affect the liver, blood, thyroid, and reproductive systems.” -The State of Minnesota.
  • It is harmful to aquatic plants & animals. “Limited studies show it may impact survival and reproduction in aquatic animals” -The State of Minnesota.
  • A CDC study found triclosan present in the urine of 75% of the people tested.

Intelligent Nutrients Hand Sanitizer has always been triclosan-free. We use ethyl alcohol to wipe out 99.9% of bad bacteria without using unnecessary chemicals. Paired with certified organic ingredients and skin soothers, what’s not to love?