What Causes Flat Hair?

Goodbye Flat. Hello Fabulous.

Flat hair: the ruin of many pictures, events, and dates. If you’re accustomed to fluffing, touseling your roots, or performing a minor headbang to get some much-needed volume, you likely understand the woes of flat hair. But what causes it? 

What Causes Flat Hair?

Goodbye Flat. Hello Fabulous.

Flat hair: the ruin of many pictures, events, and dates. If you’re accustomed to fluffing, touseling your roots, or performing a minor headbang to get some much-needed volume, you likely understand the woes of flat hair. But what causes it? If you struggle from flat hair, learn more about what causes it and how IN hair care can help your hair bounce back.

Is your hair hungry (or worse—hangry)?

When it comes to our health and beauty, it’s always important to first examine what we eat. A diet that is lacking essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals can easily deplete your hair. If you tend to eat highly processed foods, foods high in added sugar, or starchy carbs, your diet may be the culprit behind your hair falling flat. Instead, choose a variety of nourishing foods—a plethora of vegetables and fruits, and an abundance of whole-foods that you prepare yourself.

It might be your haircut

The right haircut really can do wonders for your hair, especially if it’s flat. Layers are a common way to add a little extra volume because it makes your hair appear thicker. A shorter hairstyle, above the shoulders, also gives your hair volume because it’s not being weighed down with length. Talk with your hairstylist and go in with a couple of ideas to find the ideal haircut that gives you the most volume. 

Styling for volume

A great way to add instant-volume is the way in which you style your hair. Begin by blow-drying your hair upside down — heat and gravity work together to create an extra bounce and a full-bodied style. For additional volume at the crown — where most people like volume — flip half of your hair forward and dry it at the roots. Section that down leaving just the front portion of hair forward (“bangs”) and continue to dry the hair down. For extra lift in the front, dry the front portion up in long strokes. Utilize products that provide volume at the roots like our Volumizing Foam. Don’t overbrush It’s also important to not over brush your hair — a quick brush morning and night is probably enough. Use a wide-toothed comb, start with your ends, and work your way up towards your roots — enough to get the tangles out — and then proceed with how you typically style your hair. Use rollers There’s a reason people use rollers, they bring a good amount of volume to flat hair. Put the rollers in the top portion of your hair while you’re getting ready or enjoying your morning coffee, and then remove them and watch voluminous hair unfold. 

Use nourishing hair care products

Haircare is much like skincare —because scalp is skin too. You wouldn’t use a bar of soap on your face just like you wouldn’t use any old shampoo and conditioner on your hair. If you experience flat hair, changing your hair care regimen may be the marvel you’ve been waiting for.

Turn up the volume

Voluminous hair is something so sacred and so coveted when it comes to types of hair — some people were blessed with a beautiful, full head of hair, while others just need a little extra support. If you’ve been looking for the nourishing solutions we’ve got you covered. Add volume with the ​Pure Plenty®​ hair care system formulated by IN. This hair care collection features a variety of products that treat flat hair.

The collection includes: PurePlenty® Exfoliating Shampoo PurePlenty® Density Building Conditioner PurePlenty® Nourishing Scalp Strand Serum

For styling: Organic Wave Spray - for tousled texture Volumizing Foam - for lift and stronger hold Volumizing Spray - for soft natural lift Pure Plenty® is designed to add body and volume to fine and/or thinning hair. Each product features powerhouse botanicals such as Pea Sprout Extract, Nettle, Saw Palmetto and our antioxidant - rich super seed oil to give your hair exactly what it needs to thrive. Even if you aren’t about using styling products, fuller hair starts at the root. You can use just the gentle Exfoliating Shampoo to cleanse the scalp of any buildup to better open the follicle for optimum movement and growth.

Did you know?

Hair can be weighed down from a buildup of silicones and synthetic residues from other product lines. When switching up your hair care routine, give your hair time to properly detox. This can take up to 21 days, depending on how often you wash and style your hair. Be patient during this time, because hair may become dull during the detox process. This just means all the synthetic shine agents are being removed from your hair, so you no longer will see an artificial shine. Once the buildup is all removed, your hair will have a whole new glow of its own with the support of Nettle, which clears the scalp and improves hair shine. Removing build up allows hair to absorb nutrients and antioxidants into the hair shaft for hair health and vitality.

The IN Difference:

While many conventional lines start with water as its ingredient base, we start with Aloe. This make our formula more concentrated so you don’t have to use as much product. A little goes a long way. Its far more nourishing, giving hair a soft, lustrous feel. We also use a gentle, non-chemical, sulfate free surfactants and active essential oils to open follicles for optimum growth cycle and movement. Hair gets its bounce back.


We continue to extract new compounds from plants that surprise and perform, isolating the most active parts for unheard-of-potency to moisturize and nourish. It’s real plant technology, delivering amazing results that eclipse synthetic and man-made additives. We use hundreds of potent plant extracts in place of synthetic constituents. In PurePlenty we use Saw Palmetto & Pea Sprout plant stem cells, which inhibit DHT- a hormone that causes hair loss. As we age, this hormone increases in our bodies. Pea Sprout is a natural way to slow down hair loss, giving hair the time it needs to build back its strength.