The New Age: IN Artist Takeover at MOA

The New Age: IN Artist Takeover at MOA

It’s no secret the beauty industry has long been focused on anti-aging. Photoshopping renders people ageless and procedures can render them characterless or expressionless.

But still, despite the barrage of anti-age surrounding women from birth to beyond, women report feeling their most beautiful in their 30s and 40s. People in their 70s say they are the happiest.

Time changes us, that’s a fact. But does it have to make us worse? Better yet, can we love ourselves and still want to fight a wrinkle?

As a company, we want to start a fresh dialogue on the more complex reality of how women and men view their own beauty, aspirations, self-concept and vanity over time.

Welcome to the New Age

As part of this new conversation, AND with the release of our two new well-aging products – Revitalizing Moisture Creme and Detoxifying Glycolic Gel – we wanted to invite an artist into our Mall of America store to present a fresh expression of age through art.

For this project, Minneapolis artist Emily Donovan created a work titled “Continuum,” in which she explores age and time through the complex layers and materials used in her abstract paintings. Our favorite part of her work? She makes her own non-toxic, completely natural dyes, each coming from a different plant, tree or vegetable. We couldn’t think of a better project to help us launch our new plant-based, well-aging products.

Stay tuned for an awesome Q+A with our IN Takeover artist Emily Donovan. She explains how she sources her natural dyes (with pics of the process!) and her inspiration for this project. For now, enjoy the pictures of her fantastic work and stop by our MOA store to check the paintings out in person.