SPA-INTEL: How-to facial at home

SPA-INTEL: How-to facial at home

“As much as monthly facials are important for your skin and soul, it is still important to take care of your face and neck during the weeks while you are away from your aesthetician.”

Meet IN-expert: Gena, skin-health guru, makeup artist and aesthetician with over 20 years of experience, so much that she has helped develop several Intelligent Nutrients’ products.

Beyond lather, rinse, moisturize, repeat – Gena shares her pro-tips to help preserve your precious post-facial glow.


Wednesday nights? Sunday mornings? Whatever works best for you – schedule yourself weekly time to treat for mini-facials at home.

1. Start with the basics.

  • Cleanse with your favorite cleanser — we offer options suited to all skin types.
  • Mist your skin with the tonic of your choice. Tonics tone/balance sensitive areas and boost overall glow.

2. Mask for 6-minutes.

  • And a nickel amount of the Refining Micro Polish: lightly massage the face and neck with damp fingers or a cleansing brush for 3 minutes, the jojoba beads will slough off the dead skin cell build up to smooth skin. Leave on for another 3-4 minutes as a mask.

Tip: Gently steam your face while masking for more stimulation. This is a perfect time to relax in a bath. Or if you’re pressed for time, Gena encourages multi-tasking masking in the shower: leave the Micro Polish on your face and neck while you wash your hair and body, then rinse off – the extra time and steam will soften skin.

Remove the mask with warm water.

3. Add the glow.

  • Next, after rinsing off the mask, mist the skin again with your tonic of choice.
  • Add 1 pump of the Detoxifying Glycolic Gel working into the skin until it all has absorbed – to exfoliate and brighten skin.
  • These products instantly give skin a fresh, dewy look and feel – the perfect quick pick-me up before a night out.
  • For a finishing touch, Gena recommends applying 2 or 3 pumps of the Renewal Complex Eye Gel to the face then place cool compresses or a cold hand towel on top.

Tip: Keep your Renewal Complex Eye Gel in the refrigerator, so when you go to apply it either all over the face or just around the eyes and lips, the skin will feel nice and firm. Wipe off remaining Eye Gel.

4. Finishing touches.


If you can’t quite splurge for the complete collection, here are Gena’s top-three must have IN skin products:

  1. Plant Stem Cell Science™ Nourishing Tonic
  2. Intellimune® Super Seed Science™ Renewing Oil Serum
  3. Plant Stem Cell Science™ Detoxifying Glycolic Gel

“Last summer I solely used these products and had so many compliments on my skin!”


“INFLAMMATION can equal INFLAM-AGING! Fight free radicals and keep inflammation down with Intellimune® Oil and Seed Powder Complex! Two teaspoons of this super-antioxidant and omega blend are equivalent to the seeds of 10 pounds of grapes, raspberries or cranberries plus omega fatty acids. Also: move your body every day!! Dance, go for an early morning walk or jump on your bike and go ride. Move your body in a way that feels good.”