January 23, 2015

Curly, kinky, full or flat, all hair types share a common ground—the SCALP.

Maintaining a balanced scalp could be the difference between reenergizing a receding hairline or finally reaching your dream length. Yet, we tend to neglect it entirely until flakes or a super oily part spoil a happy hair day – out-of-sight-out-of-mind. But paying a little mind to your scalp health can make a visible difference.


Genetics, stress, diet, age, hormones, environment, sun exposure, products and styling choices all factor in to your hair cycle and scalp health. Just like the skin on your face the pores of your scalp can become clogged and inflamed. Synthetic products and/or all of the factors listed above cause buildup and a dry or tight scalp that hampers new growth, causes dandruff and breeds brittle hair prone to breakage.

On the flipside, a healthy scalp is one that is clear and moisture balanced. The live portion of each strand of hair lives underneath the skin of your scalp, where it receives nutrients to grow from your blood. A healthy diet and exfoliating scalp massage fosters healthy cell reproduction, jumpstarting sprouting strands and stimulating the complete hair cycle.


Always choose non-toxic, gentle products.

In many cases a dry scalp can be a result of an allergy to harsh ingredients and chemical sulfates used in synthetic shampoos.

(Try IN’s latest hair care collection: PurePlenty – non-chemical, sulfate free and specially formulated with scalp health in mind.)

Nourish the hair cycle from the inside out.

Drinking lots of water and eating a balanced diet chockfull of leafy greens, avocados, bananas, salmon and eggs—all foods containing hair boosting proteins, fatty acids and vitamins, will help balance the hair cycle from within. Crash diets can majorly hinder scalp health. (Try adding IN’s Intellimune Super Seed Powder complex to recipes for a boost of beauty nutrients.)

Exfoliate, massage, rinse, repeat.

Sweat and dead skin cell buildup stunts new strands. Using an exfoliating shampoo keeps the scalp clear and prepped for conditioning treatments. Head massage with every shampoo helps stimulates blood flow to reenergize the roots.

Pump it up.

Regular exercise helps to reduce everyday stress (a key culprit for hair loss) and increases blood flow to the head and scalp, stimulating hair growth.

Keep it loose.

If you aren’t on the women’s Olympic gymnastic team avoid super tight styles that stress the scalp and cause breakage close to the roots.

Don’t scald the scalp.

Heat from blow dryers, super steamy showers and the sun are all major moisture depleters for the scalp. Direct blow dryers downward with the shaft of hair strands and away from the scalp, wear a hat and keep the shower at a mild temperature to protect your precious hair source from damage.

Use PurePlenty!

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