PurePlenty — the safe, natural way to jumpstart hair & scalp health.

PurePlenty — the safe, natural way to jumpstart hair & scalp health.

Now you can run your fingers through the latest innovation in plant stem cell technology. The PurePlenty™ 3-step hair regimen uses the Ajuga Reptans Plant Stem Cells to empower hair to its thickest potential.

On the cutting edge of stem cell technology, IN® uses a revolutionary process of cultivating stem cells that extracts the life force and powers of the plants they grow into in a 100% sustainable, safe way.

Ajuga reptans plants grow rapidly and create thick, lush, carpets of foliage with bright purple highlights. Ajuga Plant Stem Cells found in PurePlenty™ harness the quick and thick growing plant powers to re-energize fine, limp and thinning hair, in 2 ways:


Ajuga plants are naturally rich in antioxidants, and using the revolutionary stem cell harvesting techniques, Intelligent Nutrients® is able to yield 1000x the anti-oxidant activity of the entire plant in a non-toxic, non-climate change contributing way. These anti-oxidants help support a healthy scalp and protect new cells from environmental stressors.


DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) = the testosterone hormone that slows hair growth.

Compared with other commonly used hair loss products, chemical-free Ajuga Reptans Plant Stem Cells are nearly 2x as effective at inhibiting the release of DHT. ­­

The results: thicker, fuller, healthier. Find it here.