PurePlenty Ingredient Spotlight: Intellimune®

PurePlenty Ingredient Spotlight: Intellimune®

Intelligent Nutrients’ miracle worker Intellimune® Antioxdiant Super Seed Complex is now also part of the trifecta of ingredient power players found in the PurePlenty Hair Care Regimen.


Why do antioxidants matter for thicker, fuller, healthier hair?

Anti-oxidants fight free radicals found in the body and environment (from pollution, UV exposure and other airborne assaulters). Overtime free radicals can damage collagen, fibers and other cells that promote healthy skin and hair generation.

Intellimune® cold presses thousands of organic black cumin, red grape, red raspberry, pumpkin and cranberry seeds to extract the maximum anti-oxidant and nutrient efficacy.

This super dose of antioxidants enhances cell turnover and the whole natural synthesis of skin and hair cycle when applied topically, eaten by the spoonful and now by available to massage directly to the root with the PurePlenty regimen.

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