Plant Powered Ingredients 101: Hair Care

If you’ve ever glanced at the back of any personal care product, you have an idea of just how many different ingredients come together to make up just your shampoo. You also know that most of them are essentially unrecognizable. 

Plant Powered Ingredients 101: Hair Care

Plant Powered Haircare

If you’ve ever glanced at the back of any personal care product, you have an idea of just how many different ingredients come together to make up just your shampoo. You also know that most of them are essentially unrecognizable. If you’ve got a bit of a chemistry background, you’ll be able to tell the difference between products that end with “-ane” or “-ine” as either basic or acidic. However, beyond that, it’s not unusual to feel totally in the dark while you read words that register as gibberish to most people. Since IN is inspired by the idea of remaining transparent in all that we do, from our efforts in the community to the products we make, we figure we’d attempt to give you a bit of a frame of reference on the ingredients you need and the ones you certainly don’t need at all. Let’s take a look.

The Natural Ingredients to Get Familiar With:

When approaching anything to do with your body, from what you ingest to the topical products you use, should be approached with the keyword “natural” in mind. This, in general, keeps you from trusting just any acidic or basic ingredient that manufacturers may throw into the various products that could affect your health like food, skincare, hair care and so much more. Thus, we’ve collected a couple of the best natural compounds to look for when you’re scanning those labels.

Basic Ingredients:

Shea Butter

It’s likely that you’ve seen at least a couple of products with “shea butter” in the title. That’s because it’s a powerful moisturizer that is extremely versatile while still being all-natural. Why does it work so well for your hair? Shea butter is high in fatty acids so when you apply it to your hair, it acts as an “emollient.” This means that it provides a protective layer of all-natural oils on top of every strand of hair. These products often work best when applied to wet or damp hair because shea butter really shines when it’s acting to stop your hair from losing all the moisture it accessed when it was wet and fresh from the shower. Lots of people that are trying to seal their hair to preserve moisture, like people with curly hair, accomplish that sealant action with shea butter. Did you know? Shea Butter is high in vitamins A, E and F. It has anti-inflammatory properties to soothe skin and smooth hair. It’s also a natural sunscreen with an SPF of 6. Though you should wear an additional sunscreen when out in the sun, it’s nice to know Shea Butter is providing some defense against UVA and UVB rays naturally. The IN Difference: We continue to extract new compounds from plants that surprise and perform, isolating the most active parts for unheard-of potency to brighten, moisturize, and nourish. it's real plant technology, delivering amazing results that eclipse synthetic and man-made additives. Action: This is why we put Shea Butter in the PureLuxe Replenishing Leave-In Conditioner. Along with other rich butters like Murumuru and Cupuacu Butters. Start with towel dried hair, apply a nickel sized amount starting at your ends and working your way up to roots. Moisture is locked into hair in turn leaving a soft shine, without weighing hair down.



This may come as a surprise to most folks, but recent research suggests that seaweed, algae, and marine bioactives are excellent natural ways to control oils. If you see these ingredients ringing in at spot four or five on the ingredient list, the product should be able to help you control an oil-prone scalp and help keep your hair looking fresh without forcing you to use a sulfate option instead. Indeed, there has been some support found that mixing various types of marine bioactives may encourage hair growth. It’s not a miracle cure, but thicker hair might soon be easier to access than it used to be. Did you know: Air particles like dust, smoke, and everyday air pollution can settle on the scalp and be absorbed into hair creating issues like dandruff, itching and an oily scalp? In turn this leads to oxidative stress in the body, a factor that can lead to hair damage and even hair loss. Even the environment we live in, whether it’s UV damage from the sun or moisture depleted from the dry, cold winters. Algae Bioactives help protect hair from these free radicals to support smooth and shiny hair. Brown Algae in our PureServe Color Shield acts as an environmental shield to combat the elements while helping hair to maintain much need minerals like zinc and sulfur. The IN Difference: Our sustainably sourced marine ingredients are clinically proven at protecting hair from pollution and combating the major skin sins — hyper-pigmentation, dullness and the slow collagen that shows in sags, bags, lines and wrinkles. to preserve habitats and sea ecosystems, we limit dives per year, divers per dive and never use chemicals, heat or solvents Action: You can find Brown Algae Bioactive within Intelligent Nutrients PureServe Regimen including PureServe Shampoo, Conditioner and Color Shield. Brown Algae supports moisture resulting in shiny hair. Brown Algae which helps protect hair from free radicals, smoke, smog and other environmental pollutants for smoother, shinier more vibrant hair. It helps hold the needed minerals in hair, like zinc and sulfur, which are needed for healthy hair maintenance.


Aloe Vera

It’s not just a cute succulent that looks nice in your window, aloe Vera is basically the fruit of the desert. The rich, secretly moist innards of the plant can cure sunburns, keep weary travelers hydrated and so much more, including helping your hair become and stay healthy. Aloe Vera is an excellent natural resource to help you treat scalp issues effectively. It helps foster a healthy pH balance on your skin and thus helps with both dryness and oiliness and can actually help encourage hair growth due to both the enzymes present in aloe Vera as well as the fact that a healthy scalp helps healthy hair growth. Did you know? We use Aloe Leaf Juice as a base to our Shampoos and Conditioners, vs. water? Not only is it more moisturizing, but it supports a better delivery system to all the other ingredients, making them more concentrated. IN the end, less is more, making your dollars count. The IN Difference: We turn to Aloe Leaf Juice as a light film former in our hair sprays because of how moisturizing it is for hair and skin. It won’t clog pores or weigh hair down. Action: Aloe Vera contains something called proteolytic enzymes which removes dead skin cells on the scalp. It also acts as a great conditioner and leaves your hair smooth and shiny. It promotes a healthy hair cycle and helps cal itchy scalps. 



Hair shedding and hair loss can be really upsetting, but with the help of natural products with rosemary bases, you might be able to treat those symptoms effectively. In general, rosemary oil works from the scalp down, improving cellular generation by improving circulation to promote healthy hair growth. While it doesn’t directly lead to hair growth or hair regeneration, it helps promote a healthy scalp that can encourage healthy hair follicles to allow for optimal hair growth. Harmonic Invigorating Shampoo & Conditioner contains Rosemary Oil, helping regulate oil production within the scalp, supporting a healthy hair growth cycle. Did you know? Harmonic Invigorating Shampoo & Conditioner contains Rosemary. Due to its nourishing anti-inflammatory properties. It can calm complicated skin conditions. It gently exfoliates by purifying the scalp and reduces irritation associated with inflammation. The IN Difference: Organic is important, but the products have to work. Our task is to harness the ingenuity and power of nature and keep driving the beauty industry forward. We embrace the latest plant technologies while continuing to hold ourselves to the highest standards. Action: Feel the difference after just one wash: A daily use shampoo for all hair types, especially fine and oily. Clarify and detox build up from hair. Try for a week to watch hair transform, getting back the natural shine you were born with. 


Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is an oil-like wax that is extracted from the seeds of the jojoba plant. This oily wax is great as a natural moisturizer that doesn’t leave behind buildup the way synthetic moisturizers can. Rich in vitamins C, B, E, copper, and zinc, jojoba oil is great for treating split ends and can be used to prevent hair breakage and scalp dryness — making it a great natural dandruff treatment. Add moisture and strength to your locks when jojoba oil is used as the micro emulsion in your hair care products. Did you know? Jojoba liquid wax is similar in structure to sebum produced by human skin, making it great to use on the entire body. It also provides heat protection, making the PureLuxe Leave In Conditioner a wonderful thermal protectant. The IN Difference: We source plant actives from around the world to harness the power and efficacy of marine bioactives, plant stem cells, concentrated seeds, essential oils and plant esters, extracts and waxes. We create non-toxic, biocompatible products that often outperform potentially harsh synthetics. It takes mind-boggling science and a whole lot of persistence each and every day, one decision at a time. Action: Try the PureLuxe Replenishing Leave In Conditioner in dry hair as a styling crème to tame flyaways. Apply a pea sized amount into the palms of hands, warm up the product before applying to the crown of your head to smooth stray strands. Tune in for part two of this two-part series as we continue the discussion with oils. In the meantime, shop our online personal care supply store for all of your hair care needs!