Our brand-new PureServe collection

Anyone who has colored their hair knows one thing: extending the life of your fresh new color is a worthy investment. 

Our brand-new PureServe collection


Anyone who has colored their hair knows one thing: extending the life of your fresh new color is a worthy investment. From the moment you step out of the salon, everything from sunshine, tap water and environmental pollutants can play a role in dulling your new ‘do. Even standard shampoos and conditioners house harsh surfactants that can actually strip your hair, leaving it dry, dull and full of flyaways. You should be able to keep your hair as vibrant, healthy and super gorgeous as long as possible in-between salon trips–without having to compromise.

That’s exactly why we designed PureServe. Help extend the life of your color with PureServe’s completely non-toxic, plant-based formula that does you, your ‘do and the planet a world of good.

PureServe Collection


Meet the new PureServe collection. The 3-step regimen features Shampoo, Conditioner and Color Shield. The set works together as a power trio to smooth, improve shine to maximize color vibrancy, and protect against environmental pollutants. Each product is absolutely free from parabens, harsh surfactants, faux fragrance, PEG, phthalates and non bio-compatible silicones.

PureServe Color Saving Shampoo

The silky plant-based, sulfate-free agents are mild on scalp and gentle on hair color while offering excellent cleansing. The lock-loving light lather helps carry away the build-up from the day without over-drying or stripping vital natural oils.

USE: Apply daily to dry hair with deep-reaching applicator to reach scalp. Massage, leave on 1 minute and rinse.

PureServe Color Saving Conditioner

This lightweight conditioning lotion leaves hair feeling soft, smooth and ultra-hydrated while cuticle smoothing nutrients help enhance shine and color vibrancy.

Use: Massage into wet hair and scalp. Lather, rinse and condition. Pretreat hair with the Color Shield for extended color longevity.

PureServe Color Shield

The Shield is a multi-use cream that detangles, locks in moisture and helps protect from environmental pollutants that can attack your color and overall hair vitality.

Use: Shake well. Pretreat-Spray on dry hair prior to washing for maximum color protection. Shield & Detangle Spray into clean, damp hair. Work through with fingers or comb. Do not rinse.