INbassador series: Jessica Monroe

INbassador series: Jessica Monroe

Meet Jessica, IN Warehouse, Building & Shipping Supervisor.

Favorite relaxation technique

Drinking relaxing herbal sleepy tea.

My essential oil is


Best part of getting older

Learning that I still feel young.

Favorite Horstism

Essential oils and humans have their own individual energy frequency and when you mix them together you change the energy frequency.

Current beauty regimen

Purifying Cleansing Gel, Nourishing Tonic, Renewal Complex Skin Serum, Detoxifying Glycolic Gel, Time Traveler Serum & Revitalizing Moisture Crème, Lip Delivery Nutrition on Face. Jasmine Total Body Elixir & Jasmine Spirit Essence on body.

Favorite hair trend

Beach waves.

I feel most beautiful when

When I am dancing.

Next big adventure

Getting in shape for summer.

Latest obsession

Exfoliating and working out.

Your beauty icon or hero

Sylwia Wiesenberg with Tonique is my new beauty icon. Very inspiring.

Words to live by

Your health is your number one asset.

My best love advice:

Keep it spicy.

My best work advice:


My best family advice

Express your love daily.

Last belly laugh

Watching Funny Home Videos.

Favorite place in the world


When were you happiest

When I was in Hawaii.

Your morning ritual

Make breakfast for the family & getting ready for the day.

Biggest advice

Take care of your health.

My best friend would describe me as

Fun, loyal & loving.

Your best teacher

All the wise individuals in the world, no one specific.

Favorite workout


What’s cooking?

Organic, homemade food.

Current mantra

Focus on the positives in life.

Meditation to me is

Taking time to quiet my mind and focus on breathing.

My creative outlet


My sign


My uniform

Jeans & hoodie.

Tell us a story of growing up

I was 9 years old and went to the library to get my first library card. I filled out the form with my full name by myself. They mailed the card and my mom and I opened it and took a look. My mom laughed and asked me what my middle name was and I said Lee Lee (which is the nick name she would call me). My actual middle name is Lee. My L’s looked more like a V and my middle name was printed Vee Vee. A funny memorable moment.

Top 3 reasons you love what you do

I get to contribute to a healthy world, lifestyles, beauty & anti-aging.

Why is IN important to you

It’s mission of everything you put in and on your body must be nutritious and safe is something I am passionate about.

What is the future of the beauty industry?

Disclosure of ingredients.

What are your hopes for the beauty industry

Safe & clean products developed & ban ingredients that are harmful.

Best part of being a part of IN?

I love all the people I work with, we have a great team.

What are your biggest hopes for IN?

Grow, grow & grow.

What are you most excited for in IN’s future?

To be an integral part of IN’s growth.