INbassador Series: Cassandra Sletten

INbassador Series: Cassandra Sletten

Meet Cassanda, Warehouse and Production Lead who enjoys utilizing her creative side on the job.

Favorite relaxation technique

A dark quite space

My essential oil is


Best part of getting older

The wisdom I have gained

Current beauty regimen

Winter does a number on my skin so right now I am using Renewing Oil Serum for my face and OneBody Hand and Nail Balm to keep them from cracking.

Favorite hair trend

Curls, curls curls! ☺

I feel most beautiful when

After I work out.

Next big adventure

Cross country trip to the west coast with my brother.

Your beauty icon or hero

I love Alicia Keys for her decision to stop wearing makeup

Best love advice

Keep your heart open

Best work advice

Love what you do

Best family advice

Spend every moment with them as possible

Favorite place in the world

Fraser, CO

When were you happiest

I am my happiest now

If you had one super power what would it be

To see the future

My best friend would describe me as

A very positive person

Favorite work out

Love a great cardio workout!

What’s cooking?

Mmmm, spaghetti.

My sign


My uniform

Whatever makes me feel the most confident.

Tell us a story of growing up

I used to spend every weekend at my grandmothers and she would take me to play bingo at the VFW that memory always makes me smile.

Why is IN important to you?

There aren’t enough companies like IN, so much thought, care and love is put into the products we make.

What is the future of the beauty industry?

There is becoming more of push now for transparency, companies are slowly being forced to not only disclose but also make important changes.

What are your hopes for the beauty industry

More and more accountability for what is put into the beauty products we use.

Best part of being a part of IN?

Working for a company that cares so much about people’s health and wellbeing.