IN Ingredient Love: Plant Stem Cells

IN Ingredient Love: Plant Stem Cells

Let’s face it. A tiny part of us cringes at the mention of stem cells. We think of something that might lead to protests or a scene from a sci-fi movie. But don’t worry! You need not enter the Matrix to get this.

Plant stem cells are simply:

1. The source of new cells
2. They can become ANY part of a plant
3. They are 100% potential

Imagine breathing new life into your skin, that’s the gist of it.

Exhausted cells getting the relief of a spa-day, the energy of a spin class and the reboot of a juice cleanse. The stem cells we use are meristematic or undifferentiated plant cells, meaning they’re filled with the highest concentration of antioxidants to help protect and repair. And they do — 95% of women saw the difference in their skin after 40 days. These cells also take on the powers of the plants they grow into, so naturally, we chose plants that do great things*:

Intelligent Nutrients’ plant stem cells are created in a super-sustainable lab environment that is chemical-free and yields 1000 times the anti-oxidant activity of conventional plants, that’s 1000 times the power to protect skin from elements, reduce wrinkle depth, increase skin hydration and elasticity… In other words,1000 times the potential to be flawless.

If it’s still hard to imagine, see for yourself. The new collection is here (link to product page).

*Based upon lab, clinical and consumer studies.