IN Ingredient Love: Intellimune® Antioxidant Super Seed Complex

IN Ingredient Love: Intellimune® Antioxidant Super Seed Complex

Ever watch a time-lapse of seeds morphing into plant form? Boom. Any kitchen gardener has marveled that one itty bitty seed can grow into a entire being. All that power and potential is in the seed—and extracted into most Intelligent Nutrients products, including our new skin care.

Our Intellimune® Antioxidant Super Seed Complex is an antioxidant wonder that also delivers omega 3 and 6 fatty acids from the seeds of black cumin, red grape, raspberry, pumpkin and cranberry.

Each of these seed types is teeming with their own unique immune boosting, skin-happy vitamins.

Thousands of these organic seeds are cold-pressed to capture their life force at peak potential without the use of chemicals. Cold, because it preserves their efficacy. The process yields more antioxidant power in one serving of Intellimune complex than from 10 pounds of fresh berries.*

It’s so good you wish you could eat it. Which, by the way you can in oil or powdered form.

Why? Intellimune:**

  • Boosts immunity
  • Promotes healthy cell growth — i.e., pretty skin
  • Reduces inflammation that leads to aging and redness
  • Helps vanquish aging pollution & UV radiation
  • Fatty acids moisturize & boost elasticity

Basically, it’s fairy dust for your face.

*Based on testing of components in blueberries, raspberries and Intellimune.