IN Ingredient Love: Algae Bio Actives

IN Ingredient Love: Algae Bio Actives

Intelligent Nutrients Plant Stem Cell Science® Skin Care uses a super-concentrated, super-charged blend of worldly ingredients that harness the powers of the sea: Algae Bio Actives.

Yes, algae. Ask yourself: have your ever seen a wrinkled dolphin?

But really, underwater life is jam-packed with Phyto-nutrients, proteins and minerals that our skin craves.

Most algae have built in self-defense mechanisms that create a slippery protective skin to prevent them from drying out at low tide. This “skin” is very similar to human skin and when adapted as a skincare ingredient provides a continuous, ongoing moisture barrier.

You don’t need David Attenborough to narrate the other reasons why life under the sea is so spectacular. There’s a rhythm to being in the ocean that is calming and energizing at the same time. That is the natural essence of the Algae Bio Actives component of Plant Stem Cell Science® Skin Care.

It is comprised for four types of algae, each with their own distinctive qualities and powers beyond your wildest mer-dreams.