I-N Beauty x Hairbrained

I-N teams up Hairbrained and Peter Gray to share updo tips and tricks live on Hairbrained’s Facebook.

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I-N Beauty x Hairbrained

I-N Beauty teams up with celebrity hair stylist, Peter Gray and Hairbrained CEO, Gerard Scarpaci to share updo tips and tricks using I-N’s styling products.

Hairbrained is a global community of passionate craft hairdressers and colorists supporting each other in a shared value of elevating craft and profession.

Ana Coto is a Tiktok star that I-N featured in their August “I-Nspiring You” social media campaign. She is famous for roller skating her way through life. For Ana, skating has fortified friendships and allows her to connect with people outside of her community. It’s multi-generational and brings together people from all walks of life! Peter Gray styled her hair on Venice Beach Boardwalk as she skated around the beautiful sunset with her bestie Bailey Edwards.

“Throughout this series of social media campaigns for Intelligent Beauty Global I have been able to find people that inspire me. What inspires me are people who are athletic with a different take.” - Peter Gray

Peter Gray starts with I-N’s Good Hair Guardian™ Thermal Primer:

“I use Good Hair Guardian™ Thermal Primer as prep spray to detangle and give comb-ability to the hair. I use the Fortifi-Hair™ Leave-In Treatment from hair middle to ends, putting a tiny bit around the hairline. I use these products prior to cutting to facilitate combing through the hair with no tangles.”

After cutting Ana’s hair, Peter uses Bell Curve™ Curl products to style her curls. Ana has been using I-N products for awhile now and gives her feedback:

“I really love the curl products, I have wavy, loose curls, my hair is not too thick and doesn’t take heavy products well. Heavy products tend to make my hair greasy. I don’t find that true with I-N products. I have also switched over to I-N’s shampoo and conditioner. It is surprising how many harsh chemicals are in your cleanser or conditioner that are meant to condition.” - Ana Coto

Peter applies I-N’s Bell Curve™ Curl Cream in layers while really working it into the ends of Ana’s hair. He keeps the curl cream for use at the ends and applies Bell Curve™ Curl Reviving Spray at the roots. This Spray is also great for reviving curls on the second day.

Peter styles Ana’s hair into an updo style starting with a little cornrow scalp braid down the back middle of her hair. This creates a base for the updo to have something to pin it to. If you're looking for hair to stay in place even for a ponytail, take note of this expert tip. Peter uses only 3 pins for this updo!

Peter finishes the updo by spraying Bell-Curve™ Reviving Spray to his finger tips and running them through Ana’s bangs. This gives the hair texture.

Peter completes Ana’s look by releasing the 3 pins and taking down her updo.

“I love putting hair up and taking it down again. Often when you take hair down you get a little bit of extra really interesting, lived-in texture .. sometimes the last shot at a photo shoot are the ones that are the best.” - Peter Gray & Gerard Scarpaci

Pro Tip From Peter:

Liquid Green™ oil is my go-to product. I use it constantly, I use it at night for myself, my clients, and hair. It works beautifully on textured hair.” - Peter Gray

Click here to watch the entire Facebook live