Peter Gray & I-N Beauty at NYFW

Peter Gray continues to inspire us creating the looks of the season with I-N beauty at the Bagley Mischka fashion show of NYFW.

Peter Gray & I-N Beauty at NYFW

I-N has been leading the beauty industry into a cleaner, safer, earth-conscious future since its beginning. Every Intelligent™ product means making conscious choices for your body and the planet. I-N Beauty has a meticulous selection of plant-derived, clinically proven, active ingredients that are always cruelty-free and responsibly produced to minimize impact on the environment. I-N Beauty has teamed up with Peter Gray among the world’s foremost hairstylists to sponsor the Badgley Mischka fashion show of NY fashion week.

Mark Badgley and James Mischka have been hailed by Vogue as one of the “Top 10 American Designers”. The design duo has made their mark over the past two decades with glamorous, stylish and wearable evening wear and accessories.

“Our goal for Spring 2022 is, as always, to create clothes that make our clients confident, secure, and powerful. Oh, and making them feel and look beautiful is a big part of that as well – probably the most important part. When our customers feel comfortable AND gorgeous – that is when they rule the world.” - Mark Badgley and James Mischka

Peter Gray embraces this style and creates a simple, timeless blowout on the models using I-N products.

“I really enjoy the styling flexibility that the Restyler gives me when I need to change the style on a photoshoot. It is light, doesn’t weigh down the hair and fantastic for any kind of heat styling.” - Peter Gray

Peter uses I-N’s Amplifi-hair™ Styler & Restyler to add shine, texture and hold.

“I also like using the Restyler to seal and smooth the surface of the hair.” - Peter Gray

Peter blow’s out Alex’s hair using I-N’s Shape Setter™ Flex Gel to create natural volume, combat frizz, and protect against humidity. This gel does it all with a light consistency, not sticky or stiff.

“I use the gel for a multitude of different results; gelled flat/wet shiny ponytail bases, added volume, and even sleek controlled blow drys. I like to use Flex gel as a blow out medium with textured hair. It gives a very smooth manageable result with maximum humidity protection.” - Peter Gray

Peter protects Somin’s hair from heat styling with I-N’s Good Hair Guardian™ Thermal Primer. This is an essential step to de-frizz and enhance shine. All without silicones, I-N’s chia blend traps water inside the hair strand and forms a protective barrier outside the strand locking moisture in.

“I use Good Hair Guardian™ as a foundation before almost every styling process. It gives me a solid base for layering additional products over and ensures even heat protection throughout the hair lengths. Good Hair Guardian™ can be used prior to every styling regime. It’s especially effective for long days of shooting where we have to reset and restyle the hair multiple times. It prevents heat damage from blow drying and hot tools” - Peter Gray

Peter Gray applies Amplifi-hair™ Blow Out Cream to Somin’s wet hair to protect her hair during the blowout process. This cream boosts volume, body & movement while smoothing hair.

“The key to this product is applying it to damp hair focusing on the mid length and ends where the most smoothing is required.” - Peter Gray

Credits here:
Photo - Studio JP Robbins
Model - Somin Park
Model - Alex Dure
Hair Stylist - Peter Gray
Hair Stylist - Jamie Hollis
Makeup - Mary Irwin
Wardrobe - Badgley Mischka