How To: Pack Green for Summer Weekends

How To: Pack Green for Summer Weekends

Road trip, cottage, cabin or shore—one of the best parts of summer (besides sandals) is the chance to escape your office space and reconnect with the great outdoors.

But how do you keep up your eco-beauty routine when you’re packing for the road? Here we list our essential beauty picks and tips to keep your getaway green and clean.

Harmonic Shampoo and Conditioner

Keep your locks minty fresh with our travel size Harmonic shampoo and conditioner. Conditioner can multi-task as a hair balm & shaving creme.

Destress Express

Bunking up, travel delays and dish duty can lead to summer heat. Stay cool with our aromatic mood manager, Destress Express.

Small Skin Care

Lighten your load with travel sizes of your favorite skin care products.

Extra Green Tips
-Bring refillable water bottles & an old school thermos
-Pack healthy snacks in reusable bags before you hit the road
-Take some IRL entertainment, like a deck of cards or a car game to unplug
-Pack light and carpool
-Stay in a tent or an eco-friendly hotel
-If you’re renting a cabin, cook your own food. Not only is it fun, but you cut down on package waste from takeout.