Hand Sanitizer Alert: Triclosan

Hand Sanitizer Alert: Triclosan


In the last decade or so, hand sanitizer has become a staple everywhere from day cares to grocery cart wipes and most handbags in between.

There’s one potentially harmful ingredient in your seemingly helpful hand sanitizer: Triclosan.

New studies are coming forward–and being reviewed by the FDA no less– with information on the dangers of Triclosan, a high-alert chemical used in conventional hand sanitizers. (Just when you think you’re safe!) The possible cancer-causing properties and altered hormone regulations in animals are enough to ditch all products–including your beloved hand sanitizer­–and replace them with healthier alternatives.

Triclosan Facts:

  • Added to products to prevent or lessen bacterial contamination
  • Added to everything from clothing, kitchenware and toys to antibacterial soaps
  • FDA has no evidence that adding Triclosan to soaps/hand sanitizers provides extra health benefits

If the FDA itself says Triclosan doesn’t provide extra health benefits, it’s time to kiss that chemical goodbye like a bad ex-lover. Intelligent Nutrients Hand Sanitizer uses ethyl alcohol that wipes out 99.9% of bad bacteria without using unnecessary chemicals. Paired with certified organic ingredients, what’s not to love?

Stay clean out there.