Green-washing. Don’t be fooled.

Green-washing. Don’t be fooled.


Why we don’t use the word “natural.”

Petroleum often shows up in beauty products as mineral oil, petrolatum or plasticizers.

Yes, as in plastic – and it’s technically “natural.” After all, petroleum comes from the earth.

Heavy metals, silicone, GMOs, animal ingredients… are all technically “natural.” And often found in “natural” products.

Yet none of them are good for you. Or the rest of the world.

A few drops equals “organic.”

That’s all the organic ingredients a company needs to add to an otherwise synthetic formula to put “organic” on the label.

Even safety testing is voluntary.

But you deserve to know exactly what goes into the products you buy–and what didn’t. To make it easy and unbiased, look for these third-party seals:


That’s why we certify.