"During the transition of seasons, my skin, which loves the humid weather has challenges rejuvenating the top layers. Suggestions?"

October 06, 2014

The transition from balmy to blustery weather is never easy on skin. Let’s face it together. Here’s how to help maintain the summer glow well into the grayer days of autumn: 


The quick switch from sunscreen to scarf weather can leave pores clogged and skin looking duller. A gentle, micro-[bead-free] polish twice a week will slough off dead skin, smooth the transition and prime skin for the season.

Moisturize thoughtfully.

Before you lay it on thick, know that most breakouts are a result of pore-clogging products that are filled with chemicals. That’s why Intelligent Nutrients moisturizers use biocompatible oils that keep healthy skin cells thriving and never suffocate your pores.


Renewing Oil Serum: A light oil that instantly absorbs, for a what-did-you-do-differently radiance.

Restorative Moisturizing Emulsion: use this premature aging treatment as a final or once-daily step to rebuild skin’s moisture barrier.


Drink more water, get extra ZZZ’s and turn down plans that will overexert you in the busiest season of the year. Stress-free skin is healthy skin.

And bring on the pumpkin-spice-sipping, apple-picking, cozy, cool glorious fall days!