"Do you have a toxin-free keratin or straightening product?"

September 24, 2014


Straight talk: there is no toxin-free way to keratin treat your hair yet.
Here’s the next best thing to get smooth, silky hair – naturally:

Wash with with PureLuxe. Smoothing tip: Before you bust out the blow dryer, pat wet hair to remove extra moisture, instead of a rough towel dry, which can cause hair to frizz up.

Apply a cocktail of our smooth operators from mid-length to ends:
1 pump Leave-In Conditioner + 1 pea-size Straight Hair Serum

Blow-dry smooth. Our Infa-Red Hair Dryer decreases drying time and dries hair from the inside out, to boost shine and manageability.

Brush sleek,
the tufted bristle design of the Eco-Sleek Paddle Brush is perfect for assisting in a smooth, straight finish. Optional: Run a flat iron through, to seal the deal.

Et voila. Formaldehyde-free, frizz-free style.