April 03, 2015

Last year at IN, 88% of our total waste avoided the incinerator and landfill.
We turned over 8,000 lbs. – that’s 4 tons – to compost and 23,000 lbs. to recycling. This reduced our total waste to just over 4,000 tons and created healthy, organic soil – a precious and rapidly depleting resource.

We certainly do need to pay attention to the soil. Another means to preserve healthy soil is through buying certified organic products. Organic farming does this by suggesting the use of cover crops, crop rotation, companion planting, reduced use of pesticides / herbicides and discouraging complete tilling which disrupts the necessary ecological and biological life that flourishes in the soil.

Beyond organic, our Plant Stem Cell Science helps conserve and protect soil, as the process does not involve total destruction of the source plant or disruption to the soil around it.

About one-quarter all garbage is food scraps and other items like paper towels and egg cartons, which can be composted. Find out how you can participate in zero-waste, recycling programs here.