De-Gunk Your Tools

De-Gunk Your Tools


IN brushes and combs have natural anti-bacterial properties that help them stay clean—but daily use adds up. Here’s an overlooked regimen that’s good to add to your cosmetic cleaning list.

1. Pull all the hair out of your bristles.

Obvious? Perhaps. But as you’re getting ready for the day, you’ve got too much on our mind to to notice the hair balls (and dust mites and bacteria) that accumulate your brushes. Take the time every now & then to loosen things up with a rat-tail comb end or pen. And if it’s truly trapped, snip across the center with nail scissors.

Round brushes can be hard to de-hair. Try a once-over with a vacuum cleaner (yes, vacuum cleaner).

2. Spritz

Make a 1:1 solution with organic white vinegar & water in a spray bottle. Spray onto the brush or tools.

Let this sit for 5-10 minutes.

3. Shampoo or Swipe

For heat tools, use a washcloth with 1 tsp of Harmonic shampoo and some warm water to wipe things down. Follow with a clean water wipe. (And if you’ve used Harmonic, you know how enjoyable this experience will be.)

For brushes and combs, fill the bathroom sink halfway with 1 Tbsp of Harmonic and warm water. Submerge and work through base and bristles, then blow dry or place in a well-ventilated & sunny place.