Beyond Organic: Plant Stem Cell Science

Beyond Organic: Plant Stem Cell Science


Intelligent Nutrients is always looking for the better way – for beauty and for the planet. Our meristematic technology does both, brilliantly.

Plant Stem Cells Explained

Stem cells are the source of new cells – the highly concentrated pre-cell where development begins. In a plant, they can repair and replace damaged cells by dividing and regenerating themselves almost infinitely. Now we apply this regenerative superpower to your skin.

Our stem cells have 1000x (not a typo) times the antioxidant concentrations of plants in nature. Delivering massive benefits beyond the ingredient alone, that’s why we created Plant Stem Cell Renewal Complex products for targeted treatment, eyes and allover treatment.

  • Edelweiss – inherently powerful from surviving the harshest condition, this power plant reduces wrinkle depth up to 15% after 20 days of use
  • Coneflower – 28% more hydration & proven increased elasticity
  • Pennywort – Visibly evens skin tone, firms & rebounds elasticity – up to 90% inhibition of aging enzymes in skin

Agriculture Free

Beyond organic plants or ingredients, our stem cells are cultivated and harvested in a laboratory. Eliminating agriculture—organic or otherwise—helps us do better:

  • 1,000 tons of water saved
  • Fewer energy inputs & greenhouse gases output
  • Zero herbicides, pesticides and fungicides
  • Non-GMO

Not only is the ingredient more pure, the process is too. See what it does for your personal impact on your world.