Sarah Lehrke


Sarah Lehrke

Sarah was born and raised with small town roots in Minnesota. She grew up on a hobby farm with her mom, dad, and little brother. Her passion for hair began when she fell in love with the energy of the salon she visited from the time she was 7 years old. Sarah knew that she wanted to have fun, powerful connections with women day after day and she has spent the last 20 years making that a reality.

Since 2001, Sarah has built a thriving business behind the chair with passion, focus and guidance from mentors and educators in the industry. Without these individuals, her salon business would not be where it is today. In 2015, she began her journey to inspire stylists through education to help their businesses thrive. Sarah has many years of experience working with Aveda, and has always felt passionate about Horst’s mission. Entering a partnership with I-N was like a dream come true! She is excited to share her passion and knowledge of I-N and sprinkle some joy along the way.

When Sarah isn’t behind the chair, she can be found with her husband, 2 kids and their 2 pups, Taz and Ivy. She is fueled by her love of peppermint mochas, wine, and time spent with family. She is a fashionista at heart and will randomly quote any episode of Friends as it applies to real life. She says her favorite thing about being in this industry is the role we play in making people feel good about themselves. Sarah is a strong empath…she feels what those around her feel. It’s what truly makes her job so rewarding.

Instagram: @sarah.luxehair

Salon: Luxe Hair Suite @ Salon Concepts