Lindsay Styck


Lindsay Styck

Lindsey sees the amazing job of being a hair designer as a wellness experience that’s centered on the powerful ways in which she can serve her clients. The very best part of Lindsay’s job is getting to meet amazing people and witness their true nature. Hair is an avenue to discover so much more about people than what’s at first glance.

Beauty is an energy that comes from within, and how she creates her clients experience—customizing everything to exactly what they need. Lindsay can create a tight, classic, barbered look or an elegant bridal style, but it doesn’t matter unless her clients actually feel amazing. Lindsay works together with her clients to discover exactly what will serve them best. She offers so many ways to solve the challenges that they are facing: haircuts, hair color, perms, treatments, makeup, waxing, conversation, education, and, most importantly, listening. She is always listening to her clients .    

Lindsay loves to look beyond the exterior to seek out truth and help it shine through. She wants to connect with her clients and build a look that brings her clients to their highest self. Hair is about way more than a cut or color—it’s a snapshot into all the wonder and amazement that lies deep within a person. We are all uniquely beautiful.

Instagram: @civilianbeautygrooming

Salon: Civilian Beauty, Grooming & Education